Executive Board 2023-2024


Program Committees


Arts and Letters Kaitlyn Jones and Tammie Williams artsandletters@dstkcmo.org 
Community Action Kisa Caruthers
Cotillion Alaina Brooks
Jacqueline Dillard
Melba Underwood
Delta Academy LaKeshia Lewis and Javonne Patterson  deltaacademy@dstkcmo.org
Delta G.E.M.S Danielle Wesolowski deltagems@dstkcmo.org
Social Action Getta Hall and Evelyn Hedge socialaction@dstkcmo.org


Membership Committees


Communications, PR & Tech Melba Tyson and Tiara Webb communications@dstkcmo.org
Courtesy and Hospitality Tina Rambo-Faulkner
Marlana Love-Dickerson 
Elections   elections@dstkcmo.org
Founders Day Csani Johnson and Wendy Kesee foundersday@dstkcmo.org
Heritage and Archives Kassaundra McKnight-Young

Tanika Bullard

Membership Anika Williams membership@dstkcmo.org
Nominating Sandra Levels nominations@dstkcmo.org
Pan-Hellenic Jacquinta Nelson and Tujuana Slater panhellenic@dstkcmo.org
Physical & Mental Heath DeLynn Jenkins and Candice Wise  pamhealth@dstkcmo.org


Resource Management Committees/Positions


Internal Audit Dana Grissom audit@dstkcmo.org
Communications, PR & Tech Melba Tyson, Tiara Webb mediarelations@dstkcmo.org
Policies and Procedures Kymberly Daniels policiesandprocedures@dstkcmo.org





Assistant Treasurer Alisa Harrison  
Assistant Financial Secretary LeKesha Gordon assistantfinancialsecretary@dstkcmo.org 
Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms    
Immediate Past President Myra D Everette  
DEED Foundation Bonita Powell, President President@deedkcmo.org