Delta G.E.M.S.



Delta GEMS was created to catch the dreams of African American adolescent girls aged 14-18. Delta GEMS provides the frame work to actualize those dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a CAN DO attitude. The goals for Delta GEMS are:

  • To instill the need to excel academically; 
  • To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success; 
  • To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures high school and beyond; and 
  • To create compassionate, caring, and community minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities.

The Delta GEMS framework is composed of five major components:

  • Scholarship
  • Sisterhood 
  • Show Me the Money 
  • Service 
  • Infinitely Complete

These form a road map for college and career planning. Topics within the five major components are designed to provide interactive lessons and activities that provide opportunities for self-reflection and individual growth.  For additional questions, please contact us at