Social Action

  KCMO 4

The Social Action committee promotes leadership, advocacy and empowerment to effect social change and public policy. We are the vehicle through which the Sorority establishes a position on an emerging or perennial public issue, determines the action to be taken, and directs the actions of our members.  The committee implements projects and programs that stimulate social action and educate members and the community on current issues.

Social Action Committee Goals: To keep the community informed of current local and national issues, so as to be effective citizens and advocates; To encourage political awareness and participation in events, issues and concerns of the African American community.  To foster increased elections or appointments of African American women in governmental policy-making positions, nationally and locally. To develop an appreciation within the African-American community of its influence, especially among its women; To encourage endorsement of legislation, national and locally, with particular interest to African Americans and women; To be knowledgeable of the accomplishments or inaction by local judicial and administrative agencies and officials; To volunteer as leaders in civic and social action organizations.